Anonymous said:
all i'm saying is that everybody deserves basic human decency, no matter what their sexual preference is, including people that classify themselves as straight or cis


i’m not sure if you were trying to tie cis in with sexual preference or not but gender and sexual orientation do not relate at all

and two 

yes everybody deserves it but does everyone get it???? nope

"all human beings deserve basic decency!!"

the thing about that is though, oppressed people also deserve to express discontent at the current state of society. that is, groups in power (males, whites, heterosexuals, cisgendered people, etc) having dominion and privilege over minorities (poc, females, gsrm individuals, etc).

you saying that an oppressed person is “bullying” you doesn’t make sense. bullying denotes a person in power picking on someone who is weaker. the person you have privilege over isn’t bullying you. they’re pointing out the tendency of people in your group to be shitty towards people not in your group, and it makes you uncomfortable probably because you do a lot of the shitty things minorities are angry about, and get away with it because you’re privileged, and society makes excuses for you. 

instead of acting like an asshole and blaming the person saying “white people/men/cishets suck,” why don’t you try and have a little empathy for the struggle of marginalized people and let them emote in one of the few safe spaces they have.

and while you’re at it, stop trying to make everything about you and demonizing the minorities that are “bullying” you when you’re the one acting like a privileged asshole lmao goodbye

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❤❧ ayyyyy

❤ - tumblr users i would date: burIES FACE IN HANDS… goodness there’s so many. so many cute people, so many people who have been sosososo nice to me, i really couldn’t name them in particular *A* my breath is frequently taken away by how gay i am 
❧ - other websites i’m on: hMHM— really the only things i can think of are twitter or 8tracks?? i have a facebook i never use and a couple of fanfiction accounts that are pretty inactive at this point. i keep meaning to make a blog for my non-fanfiction writing, but i’m so lazy and there’s the issue of people plagiarizing my stuff, and you know, the main issue, which is my overwhelming lazineSS 

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